A premier IAS Coaching Institute in Delhi – BE N By IAS

A premier IAS Coaching Institute in Delhi – BE N By IAS



“It doesn’t need to be a gold medallist for being successful in the Civil Services Examination, but it is unavoidable to be focused and specifically, appropriately and objectively prepare for the examination in the way and structure which is expected of an Officer to be.”
Jasbir Singh Bajaj, IAS Retd. (Director, Be N By IAS)

25th October, New Delhi – A press conference was held at corporate office of BE N BY IAS. While addressing the press Sardar Manjit Singh Chhatwal, Co-founder & CEO, The Intellectual Punjabi Chamber of Commerce informed that IPCC as part of its commitment towards the community and with the aim of motivating, guiding and mentoring the Punjabi youth in general and Gursikh boys and girls in particular achieving the dream of becoming a civil servant of the country, invited the leaders of the community to join the movement by sponsoring such students for preparation with BE N BY IAS .

He further added that the lacklustre representation of the community in various Civil Services such as IAS, IFS, IPS and IRS etc. is primarily due to lack of proper guidance and support of the highly educated, dedicated and experienced persons who have the appropriate exposure and working in the Civil Services themselves. Sardar Manjit Singh Chatwal then introduced Sardar Jasbir Singh Bajaj, former IAS Officer with more than 31 years of service and with unmatchable academic background in the fields of Law, Management and Public Administration and also former officer from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), who has, in his new Avtar as the Director of BE N BY IAS, a platform for guiding the aspirants to success in this most difficult and extremely competitive examination of the country, come forward to personally be their mentor and guide by sharing his vast knowledge and expertise in the field.

Sardar Mohinder Pal Singh Anand, Director, IPCC and Managing Director of MNR STAR BEARING & Automotive Co., Delhi informed that his trust Sardar Rajinder Singh Anand Charitable Trust would sponsor the first 5 students and he appealed to the community to come forward and join hands in this movement by sponsoring as many needy students as they can. Sardar Vickey Ahuja, Director, Intellectual Punjabi Chamber of Commerce and a businessman extended his full support in this noble cause as the community children are dedicated and hard working but due to lack of proper guidance could not perform well in this specialised examination.

Sardar Jasbir Singh Bajaj, IAS (Retd.) concluded that in a career spanning almost 40 years the system has given him plethora of experience and academic strength which he now desires to share with the perspective aspirants by being their mentor, guide, role model and teacher. He stated that the coaching institutes have mushroomed all over with mainly commercial objectives established and run by the people who themselves have no exposure or experience of the Civil Services themselves and depend upon others who treat the Civil Services examination like any other academic examination. This is a specialised examination which has no parallel or comparison with other competitive examination as expectations of the UPSC from the aspirants are entirely different and more on understanding and aptitude basis, which a person who himself has undergone the test and came out successful in his only attempt at this toughest challenge is in a much better position to guide the aspirants to the path of success on his own footprints.

He would never like to see the aspirants keep on waiting for tomorrow to get onto the path of success and would rather be honoured to give the nation as many excellent civil servants from the community in particular as he can during his lifetime through his dedication, personal involvement, motivation and guidance.

The interested aspirants can visit the website www.beandbyias.com and register themselves to get updated information. For enrolling themselves for various courses they can contact Sardar Manjit Singh Chhatwal, Co-Founder, Intellectual Punjabi Chamber of Commerce at +91 9999749636 or drop an email at [email protected]

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