Avirat – The Child Prodigy – The Brand Ambassador of HoverRobotix.

Avirat – The Child Prodigy – The Brand Ambassador of HoverRobotix.

Avirat Jain – a “Wonder Boy”, who is inclined towards technology since always, is the brand Ambassador of HoverRobotix since 2019. He rides hoverRobotix hoverboard like a pro. He is above and beyond when it comes to maneuver hoverboard, it’s like as if he is flying on road. He is the youth icon of the year 2020. This champ has been a good orator in a row for three years and has also been a winner of RevUp open mics speaking competition, child prodigy, WICS.

During this lockdown kids got the opportunity to unlock their hidden talents and follow their passion, just like Avirat explored many new chapters of his life. He starts his day with yoga with his mom to keep himself focused and fit. In this lockdown Avirat has tried his hands on few different things like photography. He captured the super pink moon from his terrace via telescope. It proved to be the best time for such an amazing view as during lockdown we witnessed clear skies and reduced air pollution. Along with that he tried learning work of art, doodling art and 3-D drawing paintings that improved his concentration as well. This has helped him to learn various color schemes and dress sense.

Avirat has utilized this time in every way he could. From taking chess lessons from renowned professional to solving few of the detective mysteries being James Bond 007 to sharpen his skills. Avirat is a coding maverick who is planning to grab the opportunity to visit Silicon Valley soon. He has few other interests like dancing, playing board games with family and, spending time with his younger sister Avika, all this uplifts his mood and buzz the day.

His role as RJ-Avirat in his house made him discover another talent in him. Besides building his skills he also helps all his family members in daily chores. We need to learn that with new normal we need to improve and change our lifestyles that will lead us to a better world.

Let us know this wonder boy in a better way:

His Interests – Robotics, Coding, Flying Drones, Riding and Dancing on Hoverboards, love to read about cars, Watching YouTube channels – unspeakable, about Nope n Dope products etc.

His Hobbies – Playing Soccer, Basketball, Chess, Board Games, Jenga, watching Hollywood Movies, has an ear for music.

Avirat’s few Achievements

-Brand Ambassador of HoverRoboticx
-International Education ICON Awards
-Global Guru’s Tech Conclave (Speaker and Performer)
-Euphoria opens Mic Competition 1st Position 2020
-Rev up Tech Conclave 1st Position 2019
-Rev up 3rd Position 2018
-Selected from school for French Language National level 3 times in a row.
-Won medals in School Races
-Subjects Excellence Award Holder in school
-Since 5yrs continuously participating in Olympiad’s
-Astronomy (Explores twice ASTROPORT Sariska)
-Volunteer at Blood Donation Camp
. Coder
. Aeromodelling
. Drone
. 3D-printing
-Stage Performer
-Confident Orator
-Solving RUBIK’s CUBE and drone flying blindfolded

Avirat’s Adventurous side:

• I-Fly Dubai
• Maruti Suzuki Arena Devil Circuit Hurdle Race 2019
• Delhi Comic Con 2018, 2019
• Climb up Adventurous Camp
• Caving Paradise Adventurous Camp
• India’s Biggest Pet Festival

His Future plans- Wants to learn Horse riding, golf, Play Guitar, professional training for singing and learn B-Buoying.

This 12 year old boy wants to become a youngest Entrepreneur in Technology, Coding and Programming. He dreams to develop an ultrasonic sensor spectacles for blinds at an affordable price that will be attached to a personalized app having a voice command to call someone like Siri or Alexa. Young minds like him become role model for many. His sense of understanding life so closely makes him a unique child definitely.

We have to stay indoors for now but when the lockdown is over he is looking forward to the ice cream truck and meeting his cousins and friends. A beautiful world is waiting for us ahead. Avirat wants to thank Dr. Munish Jindal Founder & CEO of HoverRobotix and Dr. Nancy Juneja Founder of RevUp Lifeskills for mentoring him and encouraging him always. Stay calm Stay home Namaste.

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