Brainywood – India’s Future OTT Educational Learning Platform.


The OTT (Over the top) industry has been with us over the years. It has made a significant presence of its own as a service provider in the entertainment industry. We all have heard about Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ who are subscription-based streaming services that allow members to watch TV shows and movies on an internet-connected device. Similarly, an Indian Edu-tech start-up named Brainywood has created India’s first and biggest OTT learning platform for educational learning content.

In conversation with Dr Vinod Sharma and Mr Dhruv Suwalka, the founders of Brainywood mentioned, “In India, various platforms deliver entertainment content to the users, but the OTT industry does not have a single known platform that provides educational learning content to the users, which helps them to grow their knowledge, make them intelligent, skilled and a better person. We realized why the OTT industry should just be restricted to the entertainment industry? Can’t we make a platform that provides High-Level Original Learning content to be delivered at a low cost, which will have compatibility with multiple devices? And therefore, the idea came in, and the Brainywood Platform launched.

Currently, Brainywood provides a 5 Level Memory Course, which gives a scientific technique of learning, and 18+ other unique learning courses that help develop multiple intelligence skills in the students. The Entire platform works on a single subscription-based model where users do not need to pay to access any particular learning course. All the present courses and future learning courses are an integral part of the Brainywood membership. i.e. All the future courses launched on the platform will remain completely Free for the already subscribed user.

Currently, the Company provides 6 Month Membership of the entire platform at just Rs. 3,999 and after that at just Rs. 249 per month only, which evenly makes this platform India’s most affordable learning platform. Dr Vinod added that by mid-2023, the Brainywood Platform will have 200+ Unique learning courses and will provide the Entire Academics for K-12 students of the educational board of CBSE, ICSE, RBSE in the bilingual language under a single subscription-based model, which will cater to all the audiences of age group from 5-year-old to 50-year-old. Dhruv Suwalka further said that with becoming the biggest OTT Learning platform, Brainywood’s motive is to become the first platform of its kind, reducing learning stress, learning time, and learning expense by increasing the exam results holistic development of the Indian students.

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