Coffee Morning with Embassy of the Czech Republic by CD Foundation & Entrepreneurs Club- World and Us

Coffee Morning with Embassy of the Czech Republic by CD Foundation & Entrepreneurs Club- World and Us


To mark the Occasion of United Nations Human Rights Day, Ambassador H.E. Mr. Milan Hovorka acknowledgment their contributions of Women Entrepreneurs and felicitated them.
Coffee Morning with Embassy of the Czech Republic was hosted by CD Foundation and Entrepreneurs Club – World and Us at the Eros Hotel, New Delhi.



The cause was supported by the presence and participation of Ambassdor of Portugal, H.E. Mr. Carlos Pareira Marques, Deputy Chief of Mission-Embassy of Portugal,Dr. Rui Baceira, Ms Luisa Lao (Embassy of Portugal) and Economic Attaché to Embassy of Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Luong Duc.

The entire program held with each and every member resonating with the facts, put in the most humble, emotional yet firmly by the H.E. Mr Hovorka, regarding the necessity for the Human Rights and their significance to make this world happy and peaceful. He also emphasized on the points like poverty eradication, education and the women’s security. He shared his belief, of a woman to be the backbone of any community and hence the very need to empower her with the economic and political world where she must hold on the decision-making power. He acknowledged the entrepreneurship and the role of woman in the sector.


Minister Counsellor Mr.Roman Masarik, Embassy of The Czech republic presented a beautiful and insightful presentation on how Czech Republic has been dedicatedly and diligently working for the betterment of the rights of the citizens as well as for the global citizens.

Charu Das Direct said ‘Even though a lot of progress has been made and equal opportunity remains the key to development of women’.
To resonate with the speech, CD foundation and Entrepreneur’s Club world & Us, took the initiative to the acknowledge the work of the women entrepreneurs in different sectors like education, sports, fitness, fashion, entertainment, etc and recognizing them.

The awards were presented by the Ambassador H.E.Milan Hovorkar to the woman entrepreneurs for their diligent work in the respective domains, the names included Sraboni Chaterjee, Mansi, Dr. Amna Mirza, Sheetal Aggarwal, Dr. Rita Jairath, Bindu Paul, Sarah.N.Rawat , Himangi Arora Mishra and Sonia Bakshi.

Program concluded by the exotic lunch and tasting of the Tulsi Tea by D.A.N.International.

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