Badimarket, An Online News Aggregator Platform Acquired by Rashtra News Group


Online newspaper and media website on Thursday said it is acquiring, a news aggregator website and news search engine that allows you to view, search and use Content aggregated from various sources Content.

Rashtra News Acquires to expand its online news service

This Platform uses an intermediary and/or enabling technology that categorizes content from various sources and allows you to locate, search, view and share content with third parties based on International, Market, Corporate, Finance, Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Technology, Literature and Science categories.

The acquisition includes the brand name of Badimarket, its technology and database, Rashtra News said in a statement.

Rashtra News will leverage Badimarket’ API based technology-enabled platform to offer an up-to-date and fast news reading experience with authenticity and connected sources for digital news service, it added.

Commenting on the acquisition, Rashtra News Founder and Editor-in-chief Pawan Pandit said, “Tech-enabled news services are the future in this digital age, and is not a average RSS aggregator like others, it comes with special features like full-text fetching for articles, so that user have no need to visit another website to read full articles. It is an automated news aggregator that can import the latest news from unlimited source feeds. With Google API based search engine that searches different portions of the web. Including different types of search sections, like news web, news videos, even corporate directory. No Registration is needed to view and read any portion of the portal.”

Stating that is a unique name for itself in the information sector, he said, “We are confident that its tech-backed search solution will be a huge draw for news readers and will further strengthen Rashtra News’s position in the online media.”


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