Energia Lifestyles by Sangeeta Ahir Expands its Portfolio by Adding 5 New Brands and Revolutionizes the Fitness Retail Sector in India at IHFF


Energia Lifestyles is passionately driven to bring fitness in the form of the highest quality raw materials together to construct the finest range of supplements. Since its founding, Energia Lifestyle has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity and has become the go-to choice for fitness supplements of gym-goers across the country. Energia has been responsible for launching the NEED and RELOAD line of fitness supplements and protein in India. At the International Health, Sports, and Fitness Festival this week, Energia has brought new brands under its umbrella, namely –

1. Body first – BodyFirst is part of BodyFirst Wellness Nutrition Pvt. Ltd., a science-based sports nutrition, personal health, and wellness group. BodyFirst products aim to provide health supplements of the highest quality and ONLY the ingredients which have a lot of studies done by research bodies. Not only are the products scientifically approved but they also have high-quality standards that are maintained across batches

2. Get A Whey which is India’s first healthy ice cream brand. At Get-A-Whey, there are no compromises. That is why they are known to make premium ice creams that are outrageously healthy yet tasty. With Whey Protein added to them, they are high in protein with no added sugar.

3. Grainic – Realizing the need to have food choices which are organic, healthy, quick to make, clean labeled and most importantly sustainable to the ecosystem; the team firmed up the belief and launched ‘GRAINIC‘ which gives you back those health secrets with a range of Superfoods.

4. Studio Aesthetique – Studio Aesthetique is an all-in-one next-gen clinic for dentofacial aesthetics, cosmetic surgeries, and skin treatments. Dr. Madhu Chopra is a trained ENT specialist from AFMC (Pune) and worked for the Armed Forces for a major part of her professional career. When she discovered the vast world of cosmetic surgery and the hope that it offers to millions, she was enchanted. Dr. Madhu has traveled across the globe to learn and master the many procedures of cosmetic surgery and its ever-changing technology.

5. Aquatein – Protein Water – Are you looking for the perfect refreshing post workout drink Aquatein gives you Protein water that contains protein isolate and BCAA content which works best for those who have a light to moderate workout regimen. A drink that comes in several refreshing flavours without any compromise on your taste buds.

Get A Whey at Energia Lifestyle

A filmmaker with a repertoire of various films from Golmaal again to the recent Suryavanshi, Sangeeta Ahir’s passion for fitness is well known across and her advent into the fitness industry through her company Energia Lifestyles LLP is passionately driven to bring the finest national & international range of nutraceuticals for today’s lifestyle.

It is my passion to introduce new brands under the Energia umbrella. My love for fitness and all things in the health, nutrition, and fitness arena has led me to this path. I cannot wait to continue to bring world-class products to people through Energia,” says Founder, Sangeeta Ahir.

Spearheading Energia Lifestyles creative arm, Sangeeta’s daughter, Aishwarya or Ash as she is fondly known is encompassing new and challenging products under the umbrella of Energia in addition to the existing brands that Energia already has.

Energia Lifestyles is a company that seeks to inspire, guide, and motivate people, with the goal of their products contributing to the definition of the consumers way of life,” says Aishwarya. “We are committed to this overall mission and today, more than ever, people have realized that health is true wealth.”


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