FlowTrack Develops Employee Monitoring Software for Linux, Stealth Mode


FlowTrack has announced its brand-new addition, a real-time employee monitoring software for Linux users. This software is touted to be the flagship solution for monitoring the internet and computer activities of employees all across the world.

To know more about FlowTrack, check here www.flowtrack.ai.

The FlowTrack employee monitoring software helps companies record their employees activities, web pages visited, official chats, keystrokes, applications used, and documents printed. Screenshots of the employees laptop/computer screen are taken at regular time intervals so that employers can check it whenever required. FlowTrack employee monitoring software is supported on all Windows platforms too. It aims to offer the employers a clear visual representation of what each employee does during working hours.

“We aim to bring the much-needed transparency in workforce management and help companies improve their employee engagement and productivity levels. We can assure you that any organization who chooses our software would absolutely love it,” Mr. Chandrakumar, the company spokesperson explained when quizzed about their new flagship product.

FlowTrack is feature rich with an enhanced user interface. It comes with a comprehensive dashboard to provide a detailed view of how an employee uses their computer and internet sources. Organizations can create customized reports and charts using the data obtained from FlowTrack to address the specific problem areas or needs of the business. FlowTrack also offers multiple capabilities and tools for monitoring the employees and keeping track of their productivity levels. It offers powerful search capabilities to help employers search through voluminous data and find a particular string or word they need. In short, this new employee monitoring software for Linux, stealth mode, promises a lot of opportunities to the organizations out there.

About FlowTrack

FlowTrack is one of the best employee monitoring software or platform that help businesses accelerate their operational efficiency. It offers smart solutions for the problems organizations face on a daily basis and helps drive their productivity levels.

To know more about FlowTrack, please visit www.flowtrack.ai/about-us.


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