Home Quarantine Made Easy: Group Health Insurance Startup Loop Health Provides COVID Care Package For Members


Loop Health, an employee health insurance startup that provides affordable health benefits and primary care, has announced that it will be equipping its COVID positive members with a special COVID Care Package. The package comes as a response to the third wave of COVID-19, led by the highly contagious and unpredictable variant – Omicron.

The aim behind this initiative is to provide all the necessary support required for a safe home quarantine while minimizing the stress and making the entire process easy and manageable. The package includes basics like N-95 Masks, essential medications and devices such as pulse oximeter, digital thermometer and spirometer. In addition to this, Loop Health is also providing top-notch care and guidance through tailor-made plans for each members’ recovery.

The moment a Loop member (an employee of Loop’s clients or their family member) is reported to be positive for COVID-19 by their HR, a Loop doctor will contact the employee for a free fitness consultation to establish the condition and review the need for hospitalization. Once it is determined that the employee is safe to quarantine at home, a Medical Advisor is assigned to them. This Medical Advisor will contact the employee and go through their medical history, set up daily check-ins, analyze the living situation, mental wellbeing, diet, and available medications until the kit arrives.

On the third day of the home quarantine, a General Physician will virtually check up on the employees recovery status, and the assigned Medical Advisor will schedule a consultation with a nutritionist to provide a comprehensive meal plan. The general physician will also circle back to the employee on the seventh day to ensure that they are on track to a full and speedy recovery. Also, if an employee requests it, the Medical Advisor will set up an appointment with one of Loops psychologists at any moment throughout the quarantine to safeguard their mental health as well. In case the symptoms persist even after the 7-day period, the Loop team will continue to support the member until they recover.

Mayank Kale, CEO & Co-founder, Loop Health, said,“The third wave is more contagious than ever, with thousands being infected every single day. Testing positive for COVID can be scary and we at Loop Health totally understand that and are trying to make quarantining at home an easy and stress-free situation. Through these care packages, we are able to monitor our members and provide them with a plan that is handcrafted to their needs and helps with a speedy recovery. But more importantly, we are aiming to ensure that they feel cared for and feel completely safe. Also by providing consults with nutritionists and psychologists, we attempt to attack all the anxiety-inducing elements of being COVID positive while keeping them on the path to a rapid recuperation.”

This multi-faceted approach towards healthcare not only looks after the physical wellbeing of an employee but also takes care of the mental and emotional aspects accompanied by periods of isolation. This initiative is aligned with Loop’s core values of providing health benefits that are simple, useful, and holistic.

About Loop Health

Loop Health was founded in 2018 to revolutionize the way health insurance coverage works. Currently, the company offers group health insurance plans from well-known insurers to businesses ranging from startups to large enterprises, together with a virtual primary care experience provided by an in-house medical team and a network of other service providers. Unlike other insurance brokers, we assure that members have access to high-quality preventive health care as an add-on benefit, rather than using the policy/product just when they need it, such as during a hospitalization, medical procedure, or a claim. Organizations that have subscribed to Loop Health’s solutions include GE, Helpshift, Shoptimise, Weikfield and MSwipe.

Loop Health is backed by investors such as General Catalyst and Elevation Capital, Khosla Ventures, YC Continuity Fund, Tribe Capital and Sierra Ventures.

To know more about the latest updates on Loop Health, please visit bit.ly/3KUn2UL. Follow us on linkedin.com/company/loop-health.


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