Intelligent Cricket Partners with the Telugu Titans for PKL 2021-22


Intelligent Cricket taps into Kabaddi and diversifies its portfolio with the Telugu Titans.

Audiences can expect in-depth insights and data to intrigue and excite Kabaddi fans.

Intelligent Cricket, a platform providing detailed analyses of cricket by way of latest statistical modelling techniques, machine learning and simulation technologies, recently partnered with the Telugu Titans. The brand will be providing analytics to the team in the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) 2021/22. Now diversifying their offering, that was centrally focussed on cricket to other sports, to Kabaddi – Intelligent Cricket intends to reach out to more audiences by providing smart insights to the game and its players.

Intelligent Cricket offers an array of services such as cutting edge pre-match analysis showing possible weaknesses within the opposition line-up and suggested angles of attack – as well as post-match analysis showing where the game was won or lost and how certain aspects of the performance should be altered for the subsequent fixtures. The venture provides its audience with a detailed analysis of how each raid is performed and which players performances were above or below expectations. Being well-versed in cricket, the brand is now placing its support in the Telugu Titans who are expected to lift the trophy in the PKL.

This sports analysis platform deploys a range of analytical tools to best capture the true essence of sports performance and strips away any bias that exists from the naked eye. Intelligent Cricket’s team is composed of highly professionals and skilled individuals who’ve invested their expertise into drawing informative insights on the players and the sport. With its team spread across the seas in countries such as the UK as well as India, the brand concentrates on providing bespoke analytical services to professional teams within Indian sports. The team has worked with the Kings 11 Punjab, IPL franchise, amidst other names in the industry. As a pillar of strength in the PKL, the collaboration between the Telugu Titans and Intelligent Cricket is all set to create a buzz in the industry and amongst fans.

The first match for the Telugu Titans is against the Tamil Thalaivas on Wednesday 22 December, 2021.

Commenting on the collaboration and the match and Intelligent Cricket, Mr. Charlie Bruce, Director of Performance Analytics said, “We are absolutely thrilled to be partnering with the Telugu Titans. Kabaddi is a sport that we have had our eye on for a while and are passionate about bringing the ‘intelligence‘ part to the sport. Fans should be super excited as we hope to bring some fantastic content to the table. We also wish the Telugu Titans a smashing start to the season and the strength to win this reputable tournament.

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