S V Sastry, DMD at SBI, Advocates Faster Integration of ESG Friendly Models for Long-term Sustainable Economic Growth


Organisations have become increasingly thoughtful about the ESG framework and have realized how sustainable business strategies impact the triple bottom line (People, Planet and Prosperity), stated Shri S V Sastry, DMD, Global Market, SBI.

PRMIA – a leading global association of Risk Professionals, organized a webinar on ESG Risk Management: Myths and Realities by bringing together the thought leaders and industry experts who discussed the emerging ESG Risks and how to mitigate these risks. Shri S V Sastry graced the event as the Chief Guest. He set the tone by highlighting the various ESG initiatives and regulatory changes undertaken by various organizations globally. He talked about Indias Panchamrit commitment laid down at COP26 to fight against the climate change challenges, which contains a five-fold strategy for India to play its part to support the world to get closer to the 1.5 degrees Celsius target.

Shri S V Sastry said, “Globally and within India, the corporates are moving their focus to ESG and also looking into new opportunities that are coming with it. This change will help us towards environmentally friendly and long-term sustainable economic growth. We all believe in the Sanskrit phrase Vasudheiba Kutumbakam means the World is one Family. We have inherited a better planet from our ancestors. We must ensure that the planet survives, sustains, nurtures, and allows the generations to grow in the coming years.”

Shri Anand Viswanathan – SVP and Head, Corporate Credit Risk & Enterprise Risk, Axis Bank, underlined various facets of risks and opportunities thrown by sustainable infrastructure financing. He explained Axis Banks ESG initiatives undertaken in the space of infrastructure financing. According to him, “Looking from a lenders perspective, robust due diligence of infrastructure projects needs an ESG lens and enlightened selfishness to get back the money.”

Shri Chandru Badrinarayanan – Managing Partner, ECube Investment Advisors, ESG & Climate Change Business Strategist, said, “Climate change and migration are very closely integrated. Most people worldwide migrate from the tropics to developed countries due to the severe heat. This is a matter of concern as it disturbs the social equation in those countries.” He further explained how ESG had been the driving force behind social movements across the globe, and leaders today understand its significance.

Shri Pankaj – Regional Director, PRMIA New Delhi Chapter, welcomed participants in the Webinar and introduced the ESG Topic, citing his personal experiences.

Dr. Nirakar Pradhan, PRMIA Indias CEO, explained the transformative role PRMIA India plays in capacity building. He briefed about various global certifications, including PRM, its membership benefits, and how the certification can shape ones career.

Shri Paritosh Garga, PPP Projects Expert, IIFCL, moderated the panel discussion and the Q&A session. The experts suitably addressed all the queries of participants. Shri Rajiv Keshri, AGM from SBI, extended vote of thanks.


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