The Federation of Education Leaders and Administrators Launches FELA Talks 2022


The FELA Foundation is proud to introduce you to the most remarkable and lively knowledge sharing series, FELA Talks 2022, with the theme “Enhancing Education, Embracing Technology. It is a premium and exclusive talk show where education leaders with 30+ years of experience and proficient knowledge share their intellect with the public in live sessions. This initiative seeks to use these great minds intellectual capacity to overcome the challenges in the education sector and have a democratic knowledge exchange. FELA considers overcoming educational barriers and knowledge sharing its basic underlying principle and hopes to change the education sector positively.

FELA Talks 2022

The Federation for Education Leaders and Administrators Foundation (FELA) is a non-profit organization that aims to bring together education leaders from all over the world in a single platform. As we are a forum of experts, professionals, education leaders and leading administrators, sharing their intellectual potential where it is needed is our most crucial organizational pursuit. To achieve such an excellent task, we have put our humble efforts together to create a unique program that the education sector has never witnessed before.

FELA Talks 2022 is an exclusive event specially designed for faculty, educators, Academicians, PhD Scholars, Education professionals, including teachers, HoDs, deans, registrars and administrators. The Key speakers for FELA talks 2022 are: Prof. Dr. Victor Gambhir, President/Vice-Chancellor at JECRC University, Gurugram, Haryana, Prof. Dr. Raghuvir Singh Vice-Chancellor at Teerthanker Mahaveer University, Moradabad,Prof. Dr. Ajay Rana, Vice-Chancellor at Shobhit University, Prof. Dr. Paramjit S. Jaswal, Vice-Chancellor at SRM University, Sonipat andProf. Dr. Tabrez Ahmed, Vice-Chancellor at GD Goenka University.

The FELA foundation brings you this extraordinary and unique series as an attempt to get knowledge from the best educator of India and abroad.

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