Self-Transformation – Changeover to Better-Smarter You!

Self-Transformation – Changeover to Better-Smarter You!

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. – George Bernard Shaw. The best advice I got from one of my mentor’s long ago was, “change yourself first.” His rationale was simple: You’re the only one you can change, and the fastest thing you can change in any situation is yourself.

Self-transformation is the key to getting unstuck, so Claim Your Innate Power.

Changing others is tough. We can inspire, motivate, cajole, or influence others, however, changing self is the fastest way to get superior results as we can better control our own attitude and actions.

We needn’t change our values, just our style, or how we think, feel, or behave in a particular situation. Do remember that we are not our behavior, and this gives us more flexibility in how we respond.

Self-Transform to be Victorious, Self-transformation often detoxes & sets us free leading to personal victories.

It needn’t Be Dramatic, to have a dramatic effect & simply needs opening our minds to things we’ve blocked-out viz learning a new skill or sharpening an old one; seeking expert help; conquering self-doubt/failure or success-anxiety; developing a new attitude, adopting new ways of doing things, or forsaking a deluded belief. Even if we don’t know how to change, simply looking inwards with mindful responsibility acceptance accepting of responsibility for strengthening what weakens you and correcting any misconceptions it holds can most likely yield remarkable results.

Begin self-transformation by owning the problem, and decide what needs to be done

“For example, when my marriage was in trouble, I told myself, “I need to control my anger. And when marriage failed, I abandoned my belief that I need a spouse to be happy.”

If you’re stuck & getting nowhere fast, change your thoughts, feelings, & actions to discover breakthroughs. In my example I altered my attitude towards an unchanging situation and chose Love over Fear to change the scenario for self.

Importance of Your Highest Trait

To live the life you were born to be you need to take charge of your self-transformation-NOW!

*Indu sabbarwal Mehta*
*Multidimensional Success Specialist.*

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