*People are getting affected with it*
Corona Virus is dominating the people around the whole world, changing our daily lives, and challenging us in ways…. We never expected. When a virus is new we don’t know how it affects people. Now the most important part of how can you use this today to improve your calmness during the period of the Corona Virus. Stress and anxiety can feel overwhelming. Here is some advice for managing day to day coronavirus stress and for helping the family stay calm. This is hard to begin. The easiest way is to add little reminders around you in your surrounding environment. More time people start a panic and it turns into frustration and perhaps even irritability. We know how difficult the situation for everyone.

*Deal with this situation*
It’s a frightening time, where the worldwide, with cities and even countries, shut down…. All workplaces are closes. Your children have to stay home from school and offices. In this time stay calm and focus and concentrate on things that can solve problems. Sit down with your spouse or friend and plan for how you will handle your work and how will you handle other family members. Once you have a plan in place share it with your children. Don’t be afraid to discuss the coronavirus with them. When is feeling most panicked then take some time to calm down then have a conversation or answer your child’s question?

*Reduce stress in yourself and others*
Children and teens react in part on what they see from the adults around them. Reassure your child and teen that they are safe. Try to keep up with regular routines. Be a role model. Be kind yourself…go easy on your self. You are not alone in your struggles. Maintain your routine at home, try to your regular sleep, take time out for any activities you like… Read a book, watch your favorite shows on TV, play a fun board game, etc.

*Take safety Measures*
It does not matter what you do as long as it takes you out of worries, get out in nature even a walk around your neighborhood can make you feel better but be sure to avoid the crowd and obey restrictions in your area. Staying active will help you release anxiety, stress, and manage your mood…look online for exercise video you can follow that. There are many things you can do like yoga and exercise that use your own.

*Try to Help Others*
If you know people in your community who are isolated particularly and elderly or disabled….you can still offer support. Whatever they need like groceries….medicine, etc. you can always leave packages on their doorsteps to avoid direct contact as maybe they just need to hear a friendly then talk over the phone. You can help older adults. Low-income families and others in need by donating food or cash. If friends or loved ones are panicking, try to help them gain some perspective on the situation….instead of giving false rumors.

Remember this could be a valuable opportunity for your family to reconnect and learn to share responsibilities and don’t forget these things…
• Take care of your body and spirit.
• Protect yourself.
• Protect your loved ones.
• Protect your community.

I cannot teach anybody anything…..I am only making you think….

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