Mohammed Muneeb Khan and Mohammed Akheel- Inspiring Journey from Zero to Billion


Serial Entrepreneurs Mohammed Muneeb Khan and Mohammed Akheel’s entrepreneurship journey stumbled into success with their enthusiasm about their new and innovative business ideas that drove them to work hard in the same direction. They dreamt big and kept it intact, and it allowed them to invent new paths and set big goals through dedication. Their ‘never give up’ attitude not just quashed doubts that they once had but also made them more confrontational with their fears instead of backing off. Such is the inspiring story of business tycoons Mohammed Muneeb Khan and Mohammed Akheel, whose passion towards entrepreneurship not just pushed them beyond their limits but had opened several doors of creativity making them successful as successful entrepreneurs.

Being born in a business family, Mr. Muneeb was always inclined towards entrepreneurship from a very young age. However, his parents constantly desired to land him a respectable job so that he does not have to struggle, unlike his parents. But he kept his dreams intact and created a niche for his business with his extended family members’ moral support and encouragement.

Mr. Akheel, on the other hand, was born to a typical middle-class family. His father was an advocate by profession and philanthropist by heart. His passion for entrepreneurship was intense. Thus, it sparkled as soon as he met Mr. Muneeb, which opened the windows of a fresh new perspective, ideas, and collaboration. It gave birth to their focused mind and their keen pulsating desire that transcends everything with their entrepreneurial commencement journey in 2010.

Their first venture, “Bright Groups”, was coined as a partnership firm in 2012 as a school bag and school uniform supplier to the students. Gradually the business started growing as they collaborated with schools and colleges, and from there, they began getting orders in bulk. The income earned from their first venture was used to repay educational loans and became a great pillar of strength for their families. The right push and mentality of the burning desire were lit constantly in the fourth year of their entrepreneurial journey. In 2016, they expanded their wings into their second venture, which was established as a soft drink brand named “Thanda Natural Soda”. They stopped at nothing and kept moving to do even something big within one year. In 2017 Amber’s packaged drinking water was launched by Mr. Muneeb and Mr. Akheel.

Amber’ was launched with the mission to make clean water available even in the rural areas so that there does not remain any scarcity. The task became successful as it took over the market within two months and provided water to 14 villages, 2625 homes at just 1 rupee per liter. It had also supported two schools, 29 temples, 2 Mosques, and 33 Anganwadis with free water supply in the rural area.

The turning point in their entrepreneurial journey came in 2018 when they had incepted their software and web development company “1 Help Technology and Software Solutions Pvt Ltd” with a mission to provide solutions for web development services, cyber security, and quick code development software at affordable prices in less time to every business of every sector.

1 Help group specializes in Artificial Intelligence, 5G and enhanced connectivity, Edge computing, Internet of behaviors, Blockchain, Human Augmentation, Distributed Cloud, Augmented reality, and virtual reality. They had developed a massive clientele within a year of its inception that included government projects. Witnessing the growth of the venture, Mr. Muneeb and Mr. Akheel had launched their sister company “1 Help Technocrats and Innovations Pvt Ltd”. In 1 year, they had expanded their wings into Real Estate in Dubai and Qatar in 2019 and hence “Antique construction and Builders” came into being.

Achievements – Mr. Muneeb and Mr. Akheel

– Felicitated with “The India Icon Award 2019” for outstanding service in the IT sector in Karnataka.
– Awarded with “The India Excellence Award 2019” as the fastest–growing software solutions service provider in South India.
– Nominated for “International Goal Awards 2020” in Kathmandu, Nepal.
– Nominated for the “Young Entrepreneur of the year 2021” Award.

Mr. Muneeb and Mr. Akheel’s entrepreneurial journey is the live example of the passion that got them started and the dedication that motivated them to work hard. Only their passion for entrepreneurship served as the key ingredient to drive their actions forward constantly and profound enough that described the essence of a true entrepreneur. Their creativity was the spark that pushed them for innovation and then elevation that helped them to reach greater heights with consistency, accurate determination, and Patience.

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