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Young Entrepreneur Bhavya Narang is Now a Big Influencer!

Bhavya Narang
PC : Bhavya Narang

The journey from an ordinary girl to a social influencer is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of effort and Bhavya Narang proves it. She has set an example that everything is possible if you have passion and passion. Bhavya started food blogging passionately and is now a huge inspiration to many youngsters.


A few years back, the blogging trend was not very popular. Bhavya sparked the notion of food blogging among many youngsters. The beauty of this beautiful woman was expressed in an adorable way when she started writing food reviews. After completing several blogs in a row, she became quite popular in the industry. The beautiful food blogger is now a well-known social media influencer. In addition, it occupied rank 1 on the Zomato leaderboard for food reviews in Delhi and NCR.


The multi-talented Bhavya Narang establishes himself as a young entrepreneur.


Bhavya Narang founded an excellent Event Management Company named ‘Plan-It-Events’. The motto of his company is to plan each event with pomp and gaiety.


Her love for the soul is reflected in the assortment of creativity through his work. She works hard to make every event grand. From planning the wedding to making it a show, she handles every little thing with her skill and dedicated team.


The grand Narang has started flying from place to place on the wings of his enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Her food, travel, and lifestyle blogs are now an inspiration and addiction to a considerable number of people. She started blogging in the year 2015.

Her way of looking at life impresses her fans. Her extraordinary art of living has made him one of the best social influencers and a trendsetter!

On social media platforms, her fame has been broadcast through more than 60 national newspapers and magazines across the world. She has been featured in top-ranked magazines, magazines, and papers. To date, she has collaborated with more than 1500 brands. Bhavya Narang is also a prominent face in the food blogger industry and has reviewed over 1000 restaurants in and around Delhi NCR.

On 30 November 2020, she tied the knot with her long-time partner Nitish Sharma.


It was the most talked-about couple blogger wedding of the year.

She observed all the rituals while maintaining the Covid-19 protocol. Their marriage ceremony was held in Delhi with the support and blessings of their parents and loved ones. It was a grand but closely tied celebration. The day became remarkable with the presence of some well-known faces from the food and fashion industry.


Her beautiful pictures and elaborate blogs have attracted countless hearts in recent years. The Page 3 influencer is taking forward her venture with lots of love and blessings from her followers. He has prepared for himself a very long successful journey.



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