The Societe hosted Foodkars for Christmas

The Societe hosted Foodkars for Christmas

The Societe hosted Foodkars for Christmas
The year 2020 is finally ready for an exit. We will all remember this year for different reasons but also for the main reason that this year brought us all closer despite social distancing norms. What could be better than bidding adieu to 2020 by celebrating Christmas at one of the most elite locations of Gurugram, The Societe. The ambiance of the Societe can instantly perk up your spirits and put you in a mood for a party. Imagine, celebrating Christmas with the whole gang of Foodkars here.

The guest list for the event was studded with top names of the industry including Prabhjot Singh, Kusum Yadav, Kirti Virmani, Bossky Bahl, Priyanka Taneja, Navneet Jain, and Mita Saha to name a few. The night of Christmas was filled with starry lights and remarkable music that made everyone shake a leg on the dance floor. The crowd loved the food and services. Prabhjot Singh told us, “Celebrating Christmas here with all my friends is a marvelous feeling. All the arrangements done speaks about the professionalism of the management and I am quite impressed by it. I wouldn’t be questioned if I say that The Societe is an experience in itself.

“The best part about the hospitality industry is that we find our happiness in the smiles of our guests. They are the gods for us. Their reviews about us are the verdict for us. I am glad we had the opportunity to host the Foodkars gang at The Societe for Christmas. “proudly beamed the owner of Societe, Avantika Dharke. We are slowly moving towards a normal life as we knew it before the pandemic of 2020. Hopefully the new year 2021 will bring us more such invites of exquisite parties.

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