World Youth Skills Day International Virtual Group Meeting By LA Global Foundation

World Youth Skills Day International Virtual Group Meeting By LA Global Foundation


The importance of Developing Skilled Youth is at the core of this years message for World Youth Skills Day.

At LA Global Foundation, we believe that Skills Change Lives. Through the power of skills, individuals, communities and countries are propelled towards a more prosperous future.

LA Global Foundation is proud to be part of Global Recognition and Promotion of Skills.

To commemorate this day, LA Global Foundation arranged an International Virtual Group Meeting, with dignitaries from around the World, to share their views on the importance of Skills Development in the present day Youth.

The international dignitaries representing Australia, USA, Canada, UK, UAE, South Africa and India included Ola Jason, Andrew William, Emma Torres, Ewelina Maria, Manuj Sawhney, Adv Gitanshi Arora, Gaurav Gupta, Dr. Chetna Agrawal, Shikha Chakraborty, Dr. Isha Arora and many more.

The webinar was also attended by students, Ansh Sawhney, Vansh Sawhney, Sachin Korla and Ayush Chopra, all young teenagers, who had made a mark in various social platforms, with their skills, as early as 14 years of age.
The Virtual Meeting was moderated by Dr Meenakshi Sawhney Founder president LA Global Foundation .She emphasis on Youth Skills and Shared
“Each one was inspired by the skills of one another.Success in any field is derived for on labor on the shoulders of the youth of any country is responsibility to perform.Students must hone skills so that development of the country can take place”.Prime Minister Modi ji has given a call for skill development.
Determinants of success in the labour market skills and jobs for youth feature prominently 2030Agenda for sustainable development and SDG target 4.4calls.

This Meeting intended to achieve one of the Sustainable Development Goals envisioned by UNESCO and UN.

The motto of the Foundation is “Live Life Powerfully”Live a life you love


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